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Ishqbaaz 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika Slaps Veer


Shivaye tumbles down. Anika yells Shivaye. They request that Shivaye get up. Anika requests that Veer spare Shivaye’s life. Veer says he is dead. She slaps him. Some time some time recently, Shivaye hits the dance floor with everybody. He gets unwell and holds his chest. He tumbles down. Anika looks on stunned. They all stress for Shivaye and raced to him. Anika and everybody yell Shivaye… . Anika bumbles in stun. Bhavya says I can’t discover his heartbeat. Rudr requests that Shivaye not joke this way. Om says I will call specialist. Anika says I will call.

Veer sees Anika coming. He envisions Anika joyfully coming and conversing with him. Anika says if it’s not too much trouble accompany me, Shivaye swooned, spare his life, Veer I m conversing with you, please spare Shivaye’s life. He supposes Shivaye didn’t pass on yet. She asks him what is he considering, simply come. Veer checks Shivaye.

Anika requests that Shivaye get up. Veer checks his heartbeat. Anika holds Shivaye and cries. Veer thinks at long last checkmate, you are done Shivaye, don’t stress, I will deal with Anika.

He says I m sorry, he is no more. They get stunned. Anika says he can’t abandon me, he guaranteed to be with me, he generally keep guarantees. Veer says I m a specialist, I can’t declare anybody dead simply like that. She reproves him. She says Shivaye is fine. Veer says Anika, he is dead. She slaps him. She says don’t set out to say this in regards to my Shivaye, till I m alive, Shivaye can’t bite the dust. Rudra requests that Shivaye get up. Anika’s tear falls over Shivaye’s face. His fingers move. Veer sees this and supposes he is as yet alive, there wasn’t sufficient toxic substance, now that he has survived, I will get the credit and move toward becoming legend in Anika’s eyes. He says Anika, let me attempt by and by. He pumps Shivaye’s heart. Shivaye returns to life. Anika embraces him. They get happy. Veer thinks don’t cry Anika, I don’t care for it, tomorrow will be the latest day of Shivaye’s life.

Anika sees Shivaye resting and cries. She goes out. Om asks how is Shivaye. He influences her to sit. He asks what happened, why are you crying. Rudra says we should be happy that he is fine. She says yes, I m not ready to overlook that minute, imagine a scenario where something transpired, I simply get frightened by the possibility of losing him, since I have known this, I have seen him battling with circumstance, family, world and himself. She says Shivaye has experienced a considerable measure, he has closed distress in his heart, we know family is pixie to him, and still, after all that he needed to leave his family, we know how devil is Omru for him, and still, at the end of the day he needs to leave Omru, whatever he is experiencing, he remains quiet about it, he doesn’t give us a chance to discover, he is truly Shivaye, he offers Amrit to everybody and beverages harm, we as a whole have a few shortcomings, we bomb now and again and lose, we get frightened, however he is the special case who has been ensuring you both and me, he takes each issue on himself, a great spouse, child and sibling, he deals with every one of his obligations well.

They cry. She says we won’t not know about our contemplations, but rather he knows everything, I had trusted that I m getting distraught, however Shivaye didn’t trust it, he is our life saver. Om holds her and consoles. He says Shivaye dependably battles alone, without getting worn out, broken or grievances, he tackles the majority of our issues, we feel that till we have Shivaye, nothing can transpire, we didn’t endeavor to take care of our issues, we just searched for Shivaye for arrangements, since he is SSO.

Rudra says we go to him as we probably am aware he is our superman, Dadi says a certain something, that God offers inconveniences to them who have the quality to hold up under it, perhaps that is the reason all inconveniences come to Shivaye, issues can’t crush Shivaye, he is the immense mass of SSO. They embrace.

Its morning, Shivaye evacuates a camera. Omru ask what’s going on with he. Shivaye says I m expelling CCTV cameras, I know the ones I have introduced, yet perhaps another person has additionally introduced the cameras to watch out for Anika and me, possibly that lady. Rudra says yet she is dead. Shivaye says we don’t think on the off chance that she was working with somebody, we should remove every one of the cameras to be on the more secure side. Veer looks on and says I will dependably watch out for Anika, you can’t do anything Shivaye.

Shivaye searches for his telephone and gets out Anika. He gets his telephone. He says we neglected to give this bundle to Veer. She says so much happened yesterday. He says right. She says yesterday I have slapped Veer. He asks what, you slapped Veer, why. She says you were oblivious, my mind quit working, when he said you are dead, I lost my cool and slapped him. They snicker. He says we are so discourteous, he spared my life and we are snickering on him. She says yes, we shouldn’t giggle, however I slapped him very hard, sad. He says I have much regard for him, he spared your life, I owe him, I have to say thanks to him and restore his package.

Veer says I have made this uncommon kheer for you. Shweta stresses. She says I would prefer not to have it. He says you know my outrage, have it. She eats kheer. He requests that her have it. He says I will influence you to have kheer on the off chance that you consent to me, don’t stress, this doesn’t have harm today, who knows, there possibly harm in it tomorrow. Shivaye comes. Shweta runs and embraces him.

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