11 Sweet & Simple Habits Of Every Happy Couple!

There is something so mesmerizing about a cheerful, happy couple that it shows through their actions. Nothing too obvious, just the simple gestures of love. And if you look closer, it is always these little things that make a whole lot of difference. So if you both exhibit these adorable signs…Then practically everyone can tell how beautifully in sync you are with each other!
1. You talk to each other – a lot!

No information is too trivial. You share whatever comes to your mind – a random thought, that girl you saw on the metro or even an article you read that day.
2. You take trips often

A weekend trip outside the city or a week-long vacation to learn snorkeling, you do the things that make you both happy!
3. You keep it witty

You tease and make fun of each other in a playful way. Just to keep the laughter going!
4. You’re friends first

Sometimes it feels like you’re best friends having a blast together!
5. You hug often

Because a jaadu ki jhappi can cure almost anything.
6. You share your work issues

From completing each other’s presentations to discussing career options – you value each other’s opinions.
7. You compliment each other often

You leave no opportunity to praise each other in private and in public.
8. You spoil each other

With gifts and random acts of kindness – because you love each other, a lot!
9. You’re polite to each other

…And that shows just how much you respect each other!

9 happy couple
10. You hold hands

You want to keep each other close. Aww!
11. You message sweet nothings to each other

They have the power to make a stressful day seem like a breeze!

Source: popxo