This Model Almost Lost Her Life After A Surgery To Make Her Butt Look Bigger


A few years ago, Andressa Urach, a Brazilian beauty queen got famous for an illegal cosmetic surgery which almost took her life. She was a runner-up of Brazil’s annual Miss BumBum contest 2012, and was quite known for her bum. In fact, her butt inspired so many teenage girls, that they would wait outside the airport to meet her, with the same zeal they’d meet The Beatles or Backstreet boys.

The illegal cosmetic surgery inserted hydrogen and PMMA fillers in her body, to make her thighs look lifted and pronounced. But, soon after, the fluid started to fuse with the muscles, sending her body in a septic shock.

The filler she used to make her thighs curvaceous was banned in Brazil in 2010 by the regulatory body of AVISA.

Soon after the procedure, she started to feel pain in her thighs and was taken for a medical examination.

The examination revealed that it was not some routine pain. Her thigh fillers started to fuse with her muscles, which lead to their rotting. After severe sepsis, cardiac arrest, and respiratory failure, it was decided that her fillers have to be removed.

Her situation proves that body-modification trend isn’t new in Brazil, in fact, Brazil stands second to the US, in terms of the number of surgeries performed every year. People in Brazil see ‘beauty’ as their right which can help them boost their self-esteem.


However, the trend is not restricted only to Brazil. Women all over the world pump up their butts to regret later. In the US, there are women who’ve turned to dangerous fluids like cement and Fix-a-Flat to get bigger booties. But the conclusion has remained the same. Everyone who went through unnatural surgeries had to suffer severe consequences.

It’s high time the world accept and embrace all types of body standards so that we don’t lose more women to grotesque surgeries.

As for Urach, she lived and this what she posted on Instagram two days back:

“God is so wonderful that gave me back my life!”

Post Source: Being Indian